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INTEGRANET NETWORK SERVICES aims to provide total Managed Network Services that is delivered and operated by highly qualified experienced staff. We provide an end-to-end network management service, including network connectivity, proactive monitoring and management of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) as well as 24/7 support. This relieves our clients the burden of spending time and resources on building and maintaining their own network so they can focus on their core business.

Our network managed service embrace multi-vendor environments, which gives you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor of your choice

We focus on improving operational efficiency, network quality and asset utilization

Helping our clients improve profitability and customer experience

Some of INTEGRANET Services are Managed Data Center Service and Colocation Service, Managed LAN, WAN, Gateway, Wireless Network and other Network Support Services, MPLS and IP VPN Services, Web and Application Hosting and Network / Application Monitoring / Data Security.

INTEGRANET embraces strong cultural values as an organization focused on people-the very care of the competitive business edge. The company takes pride on embracing diversity, developing a performance-driven culture and nurturing a fun learning environment.

The company recognizes that as an organization, success can be retrained through commitment and adding VALUE to its clients and customers. INTEGRANET prides itself on embracing change, innovation and problem solving. The company looks for turnkey solutions as it commits to providing excellent service to various clients.


Our network is designed to provide full redundancy in the physical level.



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